Fleet Management

Monitor your vehicle or assets
in real-time, anytime!



Get the visibility of your fleet, when you want and how you want it at a low monthly recurring charge while optimizing your fleet. LinkAmerica is ready to scale alongside your business, helping you every step of the way.



Build geofence locations that alert you when your asset has entered an area of interest or deviated from its original track.


View your GPS devices in real-time in a web interface with both desktop and mobile-friendly layouts.

Track History

Supports location history, trip, chart, and summary reports.


Cost Efficiency

Track harsh driving such as speeding, unexpected stops, and maintenance.

Variety of GPS Trackers

That Meets Your Needs

We offer a range of products that give customers peace of mind! Our GPS trackers can provide real-time data or send one notification per day, depending on what our customers are looking for. No matter if there is rain or snow, our GPSs offer reliability and security.

Track your assets once a day or every 5 minutes.

Receive customized alerts with enabled rules.

Track multiple types of assets at a low and efficient cost.

Easy installation – just register your device online and it’s ready to start!

Easy recovery of assets.

Enable integration via web socket or REST API.

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Our Products

CT – 4G

Designed for container tracking, it can easily be installed securely on containers in seconds. With international coverage, it can store information if at any moment it is unable to send data.

  • Container Tracking
  • International Coverage
  • Receive Updates Daily
  • Bolt-on Application
  • Cost Effective

BT – 4G

A 4G rechargeable long standby GPS tracker for monitoring assets outdoors. The BT-4G tracker has a built-in battery made to last for multiple trips. It has never been easier to find your assets with international connectivity plans and a dynamic platform.

  • Rechargable Battery
  • International Coverage
  • Receive Updates Daily or Real-Time
  • Magnetic Application
  • Geared Toward Smaller Assets

SP – 4G

A 4G GPS tracker for motorcycles, scooters, and vehicles designed for permanent installation. It supports wide voltage and anti-theft function with control for motor disconnection relay or audible alarm.

  • Small Powered Vehicles
  • International Coverage
  • Receive Updates Daily or Real-Time
  • Wired-in Application
  • Vehicle Telematics

OBD – 4G

An intelligent onboard diagnostic device compatible with passenger and commercial vehicles. It features plug-and-play technology, reads diagnostic info from vehicle ECU, and captures location data, sends them to the backend server for real-time remote diagnostic.

  • OBD Port Application
  • International Coverage
  • Real-Time Updates and Alerts
  • Magnetic Application
  • Geared Toward Smaller Assets

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