3 IoT security challenges in all emerging technologies.

Jun 29, 2021

1. Internet speed and bandwidth

Connectivity is a bigger challenge to the IoT than you might expect, as
the size of the IoT market grows exponentially, the struggle for space on
the IoT’s current server-client model starts.

It’s important for IoT companies to carefully examine their IoT
connectivity providers and to choose one with a strong record of
service and innovation. Features like intelligent switching between
mobile network operators (MNOs) are particularly useful for creating a
more reliable and user-friendly IoT product for your customers.

2. Security Vulnerabilities

Security technologies will be required to protect IoT devices and
platforms from both information attacks and physical tampering, to
encrypt their communications, and to address new challenges such as
impersonating “things” or denial-of-sleep attacks that drain batteries.

IoT security will be complicated by the fact that many “things” use
simple processors and operating systems that may not support
sophisticated security approaches.

3. Expectations vs reality

It’s often said that it’s better to under-promise and over-deliver. Many
IoT providers have learned this the hard way, with IoT start-ups failing
often and leaving bewildered customers in their wake. When customer
expectations and product reality don’t match, the results can be
system failures, orphaned technologies and lost productivity.

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