The Power of

IoT Benefits

Increase Employee Productivity

Ensure Safety and Security

Optimize Supply Chain Management

Guarantee Quality Assurance

Save Time and Money

Become Limitless

IoT is a technology of intelligent sensors that provide real time feedback that helps businesses with visibility into all aspects of their physical operations.

LinkAmerica provides more than IoT hardware and software. Our professional services allows for a secure and seamless integration with companies’ infrastructure


Our complete Real-Time Location System (RTLS) solution combines the power of cutting-edge IoT technologies with cost-efficient hardware to monitor and track valuable assets and people.

  • Track Assets: Asset Tracker allows customers to track costly hardware, automate inventory, and monitor the usage of certain assets.
  • Track People: Asset Tracker also allows companies to track people and employees in indoor environments.


Our GPS tracking system allows companies to monitor and optimize their fleet with geofenced maps.

  • Optimize Fleet Management: Navitas makes it easier to reduce cost and increase fleet operations.
  • Track Outdoor Assets: Track outdoor assets to prevent machinery theft and increase productivity.


Optimize Your Industrial Machinery Productivity
Our state-of-the-art IOT web based solution allows industrial managers to monitor productivity of industrial machines and make informed decisions.