4 benefits of a Real-Time Dashboard.

Apr 20, 2021

1. Key performance metrics in one place.

Real-time dashboards using performance management software have the ability to consolidate and display KPIs gathered from a variety of third-party systems and data sources. Applications such as the automatic call distributor, workforce management , quality management and many others can all contribute to a single, unified view of the contact center. Additionally, they can incorporate data from other departments and systems, such as sales, marketing, human resources, enterprise resource management, supply chain management, billing and more.

2. Make decisions at the speed of your business.

Better decisions do need to be faster decisions as the pace of business increases. When even modest businesses are trading globally online, it’s not good enough to wait for an overnight data management process to reconcile the data warehouse in order to deliver standardized reports. Business teams working remotely or internationally need the best information continuously, more often delivered in a dashboard with immediate insights. So, one amazing benefit of real-time data in the enterprise is simply being able to support decisions whenever and wherever they need to be made.

3. Quickly detect and address operational issues.

Using data to monitor production lines for backlogs and run predictive maintenance applications has been popular for several years now. It is a classic example of real-time operational improvement in action and has proven very effective at reducing downtime in manufacturing plants. Companies also use real-time analytics to monitor the balance of incoming orders and product or parts availability so they can move quickly to increase supplies that are running short, and to detect the need for short-term contract labor if production, packaging or shipping is falling behind target.

4. Customize everything, according to your business needs.

To truly maximize the utility that dashboards have to offer, companies need to focus on their ability to help manage performance in real-time. Companies with real-time visibility of their contact center and individual agents’ performance through dashboards and wallboards will have major advantages, creating new possibilities for customer service excellence.

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