3 benefits of using a structured cabling system in your company. | Link America

Dec 8, 2020

1. Organization made simple

Having a single structured cabling system eradicates traditional hassles and complexity that comes with different wiring systems. It simplifies IT operations by unifying cabling infrastructure. This allows multiple device connections in a simultaneous manner while reducing the risk of personnel error. Structured cabling facilitates problem detection by reducing the number of system revisions to one. It will support all connections without the need to acquire a separate cabling system. This results in significant cost reduction and maintenance. It also sets the perfect base for modifications due to its flexible nature.
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2. Guaranteed uniformity

One of the main advantages that comes with updating your IT infrastructure to a structured cabling system is the all-around consistency that comes with it. Structured cabling reduces the possibility of misunderstandings with
structured cabling installers because of how easily they’ll identify its base configuration.
Only business owners will truly understand the importance of simplifying documentation. This is another one of the great perks that comes with a structured cabling system, you benefit from uniform documentation that enables easier information transmission of your networks.

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3. Enjoy much more bandwidth

Faster data transfer speed, interactivity, faster streaming… These are just a few of the benefits from having more bandwidth in your place of business which is a key advantage that comes with structured cabling systems. In companies where information upload and transmission is one of the main concerns, having a bandwidth that supports this should be a main priority.
Older forms of connection don’t supply the bandwidth needed for fluid multitasking and can result in busy signals and lags. This directly translates to less traffic because of a negative impact in user experience. Improve business performance by navigating through our structured cabling options here.

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