Navitas: How it simplifies shipping operations in your company

Dec 3, 2020

1-Reassurance will always be at your fingertips.

The process of asset management is a stressful one. There are multiple factors that contribute to its nature of uncertainty. However, one of the main causes of concern is the possibility of theft during transit. Stolen goods represent not only a loss in terms of resources but also a negative impact in a client’s trust.
The possibility of theft in transit will always stay present. Nevertheless, GPS tracking can reduce it dramatically by having a form of control of your order at all times. Navitas notifies you with alerts and messages when your products go off route and allows location visualization remotely. It also serves to inform nearby authorities wherever the items may be and aid for a swift recovery of your shipment.

2-Optimize productivity in your business

Navitas serves as extremely useful for measuring productivity among collaborators. Having an accurate real-time representation of the hours your crew is working allows you to develop more time-efficient plans, evaluate optimum routes and determine if the resources spent on certain trips are enough for its satisfactory completion.

Reevaluating their strategies regarding its crew woking hours and promoting better approaches in certain cases will improve fleet management drastically. It also improves work environment as workers can vouch for their duty hours and report an increase in expenses that can be verified through satellite tracking.

3-Minimize costs

Cost reduction is always a main concern regarding fleet management. Consequently, finding ways in which this can be achieved is extremely beneficial. What would you say if we told you that including Navitas in your company could save resources monthly?

We’re hoping you’ll be more than curious about its acquisition after listening to that. Fuel cost is a static amount. Regardless, with satellite tracking, reducing its cost is fairly simple by controlling vehicle speeds, avoiding detours and reducing distances. It also ensures your clientele receives their product in a competitive time-frame. Start saving money from your monthly budget by learning more about our asset management services for companies at Link America here.

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