5 reasons why APIs are crucial for increasing productivity.

Mar 24, 2021

1. More value for customers.

Customer expectations have changed dramatically from jover recent years. For instance, today customers expect easy connectivity for products and services. Products are expected to be smart and integrate automatically across domains: in homes, cars, and workplaces. APIs are enabling these integrations and have become the key to market relevance for many companies.

2. Make development faster.

There are also countless internal uses for private APIs inside development teams of companies. By providing standardized, well-documented and independent functionality that others can use, APIs make the work of internal developers easier, simplifying cooperation between old and new systems. APIs also make complex systems simpler to implement, test, and increase the security of systems.

3. Less errors in the supply chain.

This kind of software allows companies to monitor events across the supply chain and track inventory around the globe. Users receive notifications of important changes from the set plan as well as updates. The processes in production lines can also be monitored using IoT in almost real-time. It can recommend adjustments in operations for better management of operational cost and even point out lags in production. These solutions prevent slowdowns and decrease costs by eliminating waste and unneeded work.

4. Your business from a new perspective.

The advantage of open APIs from an innovation perspective is that they leverage the data and processing power of others. Opening APIs also gives more freedom for partners, communities, and end-users to create new solutions with new perspectives. Capturing their feedback can accelerate continuous improvement in products and the development of new features. It is sometimes only when partners start working with the API that the true commercial potential becomes apparent.

5. Real time data.

IIoT solutions can allow for real-time availability of supply chain data of your business. They make it easier to track products and supplies, as well as spot slowdowns and inefficiencies; eventually, this will increase your company’s productivity.

These kind of solutions can be achieved with Link America’s managed services, just click here to start working side by side with APIs in your company and to take advantage of process automation and optimization.

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