5 advantages of Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS)

Feb 9, 2021

1. Improvement in business operations.

RTLS offers amazing benefits that result in functionality improvements due to the increased information they provide in comparison with earlier technologies. They enhance visibility while optimizing operations.

One of their main advantages is related to process efficiency. Real-Time Location Services result in smart usage of resources with their error-proof method, while reducing fixed costs in terms of item rental and process duration. Your employees will react faster and they’ll improve decision-making skills due to an increase in the information they have at their disposal.

2. Easier asset maintenance.

All business assets have their own set of characteristics. That’s why one of the great advantages of using RTLS is the ability to seamlessly store information that supports maintenance, repair, and operations of machinery and equipment.

Real-Time Location Services aren’t limited to the machinery industry. From healthcare centers to education facilities, these services protect assets and equipment and keep track of them at all times. They can also help in the following tasks: identify where they have been and when they need to be used or require maintenance. The latter reduces the urgency of personnel regarding equipment supervision.

3. Operate with less resources.

Another one of the great advantages of RTLS is the streamlining of important data, events, and documents. Businesses in the digital era are data-driven. Therefore, reducing the amount of time it takes to record all the necessary information, takes away time from other important tasks.

Tracking client data regarding the status of their order, amongst other processes, provides quick analytics and useful intel. This results in stress reduction and client satisfaction. It also prevents crises regarding the location of an equipment in an emergency setting. If you are dealing with a staff shortage or are simply a small business low on personnel, this is a great option to avoid stretching your workers too thin.

4. Improve inventory accuracy.

RTLS can result in up to 99.99% inventory accuracy without having to rely on tedious and costly inventory audits that can take up a lot of your time. Real-Time Location Services save up all that money and provide an updated status of all your companies’ assets.

These location services also provide an amazing advantage: constantly inform inventory location and when it will be traveling. This saves a lot of time on every asset move by eliminating the need to manually scan a barcode it is picked up or dropped. That’s a lot of valuable time saved and a notorious improvement in performance.

5. Take more advantage of your assets.

Real-Time Location Services guarantee knowing how your assets are moving and your employees are operating during work hours. You can also track inventory. By acquiring all this knowledge, you can gain a better picture and a clear insight on their trajectory during the day and how it can be improved if needed.

You will now be able to identify which and when an asset is being used and in what way, as well as the duration and frequency of usage. You can come up with conclusions after analyzing if it’s used during shifts or if its usage is irregular or unauthorized. Finally, it promotes smarter asset utilization and eradicates redundancy. Learn more about RLTS and how they relate to better asset analysis, here.

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