4 reasons why SLAs are crucial for outsourcing.

Jan 19, 2021

1. Establish expectations upon a tailored contract.

One of the main priorities for all clients when they decide to outsource is to be clear on services and time-response expected from the managed service provider. Service-Level Agreements (SLAs) cover a wide array of solutions in various aspects. The key is finding what works best for your company. A tailored contract when outsourcing comes with service-level agreements; SLAs can guarantee fixed rates for a definite amount of time. This standard cost also comes with consistent service for all needs that were specified upon contract. It also eliminates the possibility of unpleasant surprises or any non-negotiated modification of terms which results in a reliable corporate relationship.

2. Focus on your attention towards customer service.

As a vendor, one of the main advantages of relying on outsourcing is allowing your team to have more time to concentrate on important areas of your business that require a special amount of attention. SLAs can help you redirect your focus towards customer satisfaction and help grow your business clientele. A happy clientele may directly impact your business through word of mouth, reviews, and ratings. A client-focused company avoids spreading themselves too thin and avoid adjusting from crisis to crisis. This promotes efficient scheduling with the help of terms previously established in your agreement.

3. Define measurable standards

When you are looking for outsourcing services, there is always a set of criteria that every company has that should be satisfied. One of the main benefits of SLAs is the ability to list the variables that should be taken into account during the whole process and that will be agreed upon during the agreement. The importance of setting your standards from day one is directly related to the satisfaction of the collaboration between parties. When outsourcing, it is critical that everyone involved knows the standards they are working under, this will result in a mutually beneficial partnership. Standards can be set in different areas. However, one main characteristic they share is that they should be measured by the client continuously.

4. Guarantee compliance during your agreement.

Outsourcing can have many advantages. However, companies new to outsourcing may feel a sense of insecurity about the compliance terms in the agreement. This is one of the main reasons why SLAs come in handy: the peace of mind they bring with them. SLA penalties are a powerful motif for the Vendor to fulfill the conditions in the agreement and commitments withthe client. Due to the fact that these are contractual agreements, you’ll rest assured that contract breaches will be treated in a very serious manner. Learn more about our managed services at Link America here and discover how our service-level agreements are customized by our clients to ensure their satisfaction in the process.