Security Operations Center – Why you need one?

Jul 20, 2020

The internet has made communication and business so much easier. Files, accounts, and other sensitive information can be sent from one place to another at the click of a button.

However, with this convenience comes the threat of cyber attacks.

Cyberattacks are so sophisticated and targeted today those companies across the world work at protecting their sensitive data. They seek protection because they never know when they may fall prey to an attack.

Some people may thus turn to advance security solutions, and others outsource cybersecurity services for help. However, integrating a Security Operations Center (SOC) is a more practical and useful option these days.

Some companies have an in-house SOC, while others may outsource one. Both options, however, serve one purpose- to prevent breaches and minimize losses through online criminal activity.

What is a Security Operations Center?

A SOC is a centralized unit of experts who dedicate themselves to high-quality IT security operations. Their duty lies in detecting cybersecurity threats, preventing attacks and providing suitable solutions to the incident response team.

The team comprises highly experienced cybersecurity analysts and trained engineers who work in shifts to ensure the company always has 24-hour security.

They use the help of specialized security processes and computer programs to pinpoint a company’s virtual infrastructure weaknesses. They then use the acquired information to prevent possible intrusions or theft.

The processes they use to collect and monitor data across various platforms and endpoints include firewalls, security information, probes, and event management systems.

They use them to analyze active feeds, establish rules, identify exceptions, and notice possible vulnerabilities to potential threats. It is also their duty to ensure these programs comply with the company, industry, and government regulations.

How does a SOC team protect their organization from potential threats?

How does a SOC team protect their organization from potential threats?

SOCs use the following strategic methods and processes to maintain a company’s cybersecurity defenses:

1. Understanding the company’s cybersecurity network

They first assess and get well-versed in the different tools, technologies, and network hardware and software at their disposal. The acquired knowledge and awareness help them maximize the chances of detecting possible threats.

2. Adopt proactive measures

SOC doesn’t just work reactively. They also adopt proactive measures if irregularities occur to detect malicious activities before any harm occurs.

3. Log and responses management

The SOC keeps a log of activities and communications across the networks, which proves very helpful if a breach occurs. It helps provide the authorities with the required
Intel to retrace steps, find out what went wrong and discover how the breach occurred.

4. Proper ranking of alerts

It is the SOC’s responsibility to rank the severity of incidents if any irregularities do surface. They do it so as to give priority to resolving the more aggressive intrusions or vulnerabilities first.

5. Checking vulnerability and compliance

The SOC maintains a constant surveillance of the organization’s perimeter and inside operations because breaches may sometimes occur from the inside too. They can in the process, increase the awareness of threats and help prevent security breaches. They also maintain essential compliance regulations to keep the company from potential harm.

It’s a combination of all these tasks that helps the SOC protect an organization. The tasks help the SOC maintain control of the company’s systems and act immediately and intelligently if an attack does occur.

Benefits of having a SOC

Benefits of having a SOC

SOCs do have a positive impact on an organization, thanks to their focus and expertise. In addition to that, the SOC also offers the following benefits:

Display of assets

The SOC’s centralized and non-stop visualization of an organization’s software and processes helps detect problems and maintain smooth operations.

Improving client and employee trust

Both employers and clients want the information they provide to a company to remain safe and secure. The strict data loss measures implemented by the SOC help achieve this. They in the process improve and maintain the employees’ and clients’ long-time integrity and relations.

Closing the gaps between different departments and functions

SOCs ensure all the departments work efficiently together, and work at protecting against cyber attacks. They help coordinate and communicate the organization to resolve the problem collectively.

Maximum awareness at minimal costs

The most significant benefit SOC offers is increasing your control of systems and reducing the potential data loss. They maintain the integrity of sensitive information to prevent breaches. They in the process even help save money by avoiding the costs of recoveries from theft or fraud.

So you see security operations centers are here to stay. They form an integral part in maintaining the integrity and cybersecurity of a business by helping businesses thrive, even during a cybersecurity crisis.

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