Cyber Security

Guarantee the cyber security for your business. Our exclusive partnership with Prowl Security allow us to provide cyber solutions to LinkAmerica customers.

Cyber Security Services

We integrate different products and security tools to offer an end-to-end network monitoring, vulnerability, and cyber threats management solutions. 

When it comes to cyber security threats, our Vulnerability Assessment service is the essential detection and preventive component that allows us to quantify and follow up with our customers. It escalates accordingly and provides visibility about companies’ IT Infrastructure. We also offer Pen-Testing packages to ensure all open IP facing vulnerabilities have been effectively closed.

  • Increased Visibility on assets and weaknesses
  • Better Evaluate 3rd Party IT Service Providers
  • Be Ahead of Hackers
  • Get Added Support

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With our cyber security solutions, we offer a cloud-native, streaming data analytics platform that analyzes and correlate logs and events to produce actionable alerts to the right people at the right time. The solution will eliminate false-positive alerts and will drive real mitigation actions for comprehensive incident response. 

  • Increase Time Productivity
  • Included Email and Endpoint Protection
  • SOC 2 Type 2 Certification
  • Adapts to Fit

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Cyber Security illuminates the customer’s risk position in the digital arena by finding stolen data in the web, dark web, and deep web, which might have been compromised in a breach. Ultimately, this helps companies protect their brand & reputation, prevent online fraud, and mitigate the data exposed. 

  • Stay Up to Date
  • Run a Forensic Analysis
  • Become More Proactive for Future Cyber Attacks

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The Anti Distributed Denial of Service solution helps customers, whose business heavily relies on an online platform, with cyber risk management. A DDoS attack not only may paralyze e-commerce sites, online software access, and servers but also may compromise a company’s brand reputation. Our Anti-DDoS can guard companies against multiple-layer attacks and can filter up to 1TB of traffic, so your online platform is never down! 

  • Cloud-based Solution
  • Automatic Mitigation
  • Improve Reputation
  • Layer 2,3,4, Protection

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Cyber security Management Benefits

Minimize Your Costs & Maximize Efficiency

Cyber security Management services allow you to have cyber experts without the cost of building an inside team, lowering investment and maximizing your team’s efficiency.

Focus on Your Business

We are always on the prowl for new threats, so you don’t have to worry about it! Your IT team can reclaim the time spent on cyber threats to continue working on new services, optimizations, and more.

Access to Expertise

Cyber security is a unique expertise area that requires constant training and education. Often, IT teams don’t have the time to keep up with rising cyber threats. We are always updating our databases, identifying risks, keeping up to date our cyber security engineers, and responding effectively to meet agreed SLAs.

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Our cyber security services for business are cloud-native, making them scalable. Do you need to add 2 or 500 new infrastructure assets or applications? Our products and services are designed to fit your needs.

Extend Your Team

Many small to medium-sized businesses don’t have the infrastructure to invest in cyber threat security or IT division. With a dedicated MSP, your team will be ready to operate without any surprises. MSPs are the best option to complement your IT team’s increasing cyber security management expertise.

All Cyber Security Solutions Include

Illustrates cyber security alerts in real time

Real-time Alerts

Real-time alerts containing cyber threat analysis.

Related to your cyber security status.


Analytical reports related to your cyber security status.

Sample fully managed cyber security service

Fully Managed

Our cybersecurity services are fully managed by our 24/7/365 SOC.

Illustrates a tool for tracking cyber threats

Web Portal

An essential tool to keep track of cyber threats.

Illustrates cybersecurity shortcuts to recognize adversary analysis base

Rapid Adoption

Rapid adoption and access to acknowledge base of adversary analytics.