Empower Your Business
Through Informed Decisions

Our cloud-native data orchestrator integrates and consolidates valuable information from various Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), security services and manage digital work flows in place for better management and visibility.

A Unified Platform for All

With so many platforms and software tools, managing your IT infrastructure can get complicated. So why not eliminate the chaos and use one unified platform for all?

Site Score

Different device health measurements and too many variables to analyze. ETC streamlines and standardizes devices KPI’s to accurately inform businesses on performance of each site. A simple answer for a simple question. Am I meeting my ROI Goals?

Multi-Vendor Integration

We get it! You want to choose the best systems and equipment for your business regardless of brand and flavor. Naturally, businesses will have different brands that must work together for optimal performance. Wouldn’t it be great if you can measure success using the same criteria in one place?

SLA Management

Have trouble tracking SLAs? Our tool has standardized everything else, so why not standardize reporting of your Standardized Level Agreement? Our tools automizes SLA real time reporting to reduce human error provide verifiable and transparent data to meet client’s expectations.

Network Visibility

By eliminating the chaos (ETC) we allow companies to monitor and visualize their network hardware all in one place. With ETC, companies can view a real- time inventory of assets, real-time service view and real-time service KPIs.
Network monitoring is essential to the operation of the company. It can help identify potential issues before they cause disruptions and provide a good view of the IT environment. ETC capabilities can automatically raise alerts before small issues become a problem.
ETC can also give companies trend and forecast data about certains device locations, ROI, allocation resources and more.

Security First Approach

Security is a major concern for companies and bein able to monitor and manage your security is a must. ETC manages traffic, content security and layer 7 security.

Personalized Data Analysis

Information is everywhere, but is the information you need where you need it? We orchestrates the data you need in one place. We give you the data you need to make better business decisions, manage risks, and improve performance. What can you see?

  • Real-time Inventory of Assets
  • Real-Time Data Analysis
  • Real-Time Service KPI
  • Historical Reporting

Featured Integrations