4 ways to improve the management of your IT infrastructure

Dec 3, 2020

1. Reconsider your cloud options

It’s essential for every team to consider cloud-based solutions. Cloud-enabled services allow fluid file transmission, storage and access. They serve as a base for open-source communications and boost productivity in simultaneous collaboration. Cloud computing represents a a step towards digital transformation as a flexible model for shared conveniences and these may include your business services, networks, servers, applications and others. Switching all services to the main cloud computing categories: Infrastructure as a Service(IAAS),Platform as a Service (PAAS)andSoftware as a Service (SAAS),will save resources, promote reliability and facilitate mobility. In terms of choosing the best fit for your IT infrastructure, the most popular options are hybrid cloud or multi-cloud solutions.

2. Automate tasks in a strategic way

Task automation and the incorporation of AI technologies in your business paves the way towards digital transformation. We previously discussed the importance of cloud services. Nevertheless, these don’t solve operating challenges regarding user experience and problems in visibility. Automation saves money while dealing with a better user journey in terms of time-saving.
Automation promotes fast responsive echanisms that reduce or eliminate human error and allow your team to focus in more specific and complex tasks while leaving strenuous activities to AI processing or machine learning. Some benefits of automations in tasks include lower operating costs, increased production output and smaller environmental footprint which can all lead to business success and brand reputation improvement

3. Capitalize in your mainframe

Investing in the modernization of your mainframe can potentially transform your business into a data powerhouse. The benefits cloud computing can have for your company are crucial for broadening your company’s horizons and strengthening your IT infrastructure. Mainframes improve big data analysis, production processes and support millions of users effortlessly.
This central data hub proves fundamental for information sharing while maintaining security standards by efficiently encrypting it, reducing security threats that public networks usually face. Mainframes have a reliable trajectory minimizing risk and optimizing hardware security.

4. Improve your security.

Protecting your information should be one of the top priorities in your company.
Investing in Cyber Security results in the safety of your data through reliable
encryption and monitoring. Cyber Security also promotes brand loyalty based on
its transparence and trust.
Many companies have admitted suffering breaches in terms of data protection
and still haven’t equipped their IT infrastructure with this service. Security should
be perceived as an aspect to be improved instead of a luxury to consider. The
use of Cyber Security combined with machine learning equals the elimination of
threats that weren’t even considered in the first place as advanced methods can
target possible breaches o vulnerabilities without the prior need for detection
from a third party. Be ahead of hackers and reduce cyber risk with Link America